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Organize content from your favourite feeds with just a click of a button. Symfoz is the feed reader you need to keep up to date with your favourite feeds.

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The easy RSS / Atom feeds aggregator

A tool that lets you mix feeds and social media into one seamless experience - getting rid of all those annoying alerts with just the right info.

Customized feeds

You can create your own customized feed, allowing you to read about what you want, when you want it.

Save time

Creating your own "custom" feeds will provide you with more options to choose from and save you time.

Easy to use

Anybody, even non-technical users can create a feed playlist in less than a minute.

Supported content

Here are some of the sources that we support.
More coming soon!

RSS / Atom Feeds

Spotify Podcasts

Youtube Channels / Playlists


"Playlist" your content

Push your favourite feeds, or create a playlist from an unlimited amount of RSS / Atom feeds.

Follow other users

Follow users you trust and Symfoz will automatically gather and show you their feeds.